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           Chemical Net is located in Athens, and it is active in the field of industrial chemical raw materials for the sector of coatings, textiles - non woven and plastics. We have the possibility to support completely our customers for preparation and production of a special product with specialized instructions and sampling.

We are always found next to our customer informing him immediately for each new product of market.

We allocate certification ISO for our each collaborator. 

Our collaborators and we are always willing to help in the solution of your problems, therefore feel free to call any moment you need.


            A new company named S.KONTARI & SON was established in November 2014. It is a continuation of the distribution company –CHEMICAL NET- established November 2008 by Mrs Kontari Stavroula.
The new company is  consisting of two partners:

              Kontari Stavroula, Chemist of The University of Athens, and 20 years of experience in the sales of industrial raw materials for coatings, adhesives and plastics for a multinational company.

            Haloulos Ioannis,  Chemical Engineer graduated from National Technical University of Athens in  October 2014. In November 2014 he officially  enters as a major partner in the establishment of  the company S.KONTARI & SON PRIVATE COMPANY, acting as distributor of  industrial chemicals raw materials for the sector of coatings, adhesives, textile and plastics. At the same time, he is working  on a project as an external collaborator at  Computational Materials Science and Engineering Group (Co.M.S.E) at NTUA, preparing his further studies for MSc in chemical engineering.

ISO Certification

         We have been under ISO Certification, while we provide ISO Certification for each one of our cooperators

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         Following up the fine cooperation with our clients we provide them with the  ability of accessing professional pieces of information that concern various applications and recipies of our products.
For this reason you may register into our site and automatically gain access to these.
We will activate your account as soon as we receive and confirm your professional data.
At the same time you may send your applications, questions and comments.
Our communication will be in a bothway state and we'll provide you with the neccesary support.


         By registering into our site you may receive instructions and samping services for all of our products.