Chemical-net by Kontari & Son

Our company is located in Athens and it is active in the field of industrial chemical raw materials for the sector of coatings, textiles - non woven and plastics. The company was established with the target to better control the new conditions of the market which demands the cutting of the costs, direct contact between customer-supplier and reliability to the information transferred to the producer.

Company outline

Our company is active in the field of industrial chemical raw materials for the sectors of coatings, textiles - non woven and plastics. Our headquarters are located in Athens in a privately owned office complex. We also have a subsidiary office in Thessaloniki to better serve the market of Northern Greece. The company also serves the markets of Albania and Cyprus and other markets of the South Balkans on a case-to-case basis.


Our staff is consisted of Chemical engineers and chemists, who are trained to provide full scientific support and guidance to our customers. The reason of our success in promoting new raw materials lies into our engagement with the customer in the pre-sale phase. Either it is the sampling process or a new formulation, or the development of a completely new product our people are full capable to actively participate in this process. The have our own laboratory to conduct experiments regarding e.g., a new formulation and to perform quality control of the new product if necessary. After these initial pre-sale activities, we make sure to execute the orders precisely and optimize the logistics process to avoid future shortages in the supply. We are constantly connected with the customers to get feedback and cover their potential future needs.

Our partners

Our partners are raw material factories mainly located in Europe. We are in continuous contact with our partners for new products, market developments and we seek their advice in special projects if necessary. Our staff visits the production sites of our partners frequently to get trainings on the products and participate in hands on sessions.

All our partners have ISO certification.

Brief history

In 2008, Ms. Kontari Stavroula (Roula) decided to start her own distribution company – CHEMICAL NET – after two decades of experience in key sales roles in multinational companies. Back then the company employed just one person and rented a small office.

After six years, in 2014, the company was re-named as S. KONTARI & SON, moved to new offices, and added four more people in the team. Around that time, a subsidiary in Thessaloniki was established as the demand in the area of Northern Greece was increasing.

Late 2020 the company completed the building of their own new own office complex which includes:
- A fully equipped laboratory for testing, recipe creation, new product formulation and all kinds of experiments.
- Independent space for sample preparation and mixing.
- Ample office space to add more people.

With this investment the company seeks to expand their market share for their existing products, to broad their portfolio and offer a unique service tailored for each customer.